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Locker Room

The locker room is a facility provided by the UNPAR Library for the visitors to store belongings not allowed to be brought into the Library, located on the 2nd and 3rd floor.

Conditions that apply when using the lockers::

  1. Lockers are only intended for UNPAR Library visitors
  2. Visitors can use the lockers by submitting their valid identity card (KTP / SIM) to the library’s officer
  3. The use of lockers are only allowed if the visitor is inside the library (2nd and 3rd Floor), on the same day of the locker loan.
  4. Visitors are prohibited from bringing the following items to the library: jackets (sweaters, jumpers, etc.), bags (laptop bags, backpacks, etc.), maps, food, and drinks. Visitors are also forbidden to use the flip-flops and shorts to the UNPAR library.

If the locker key is not returned on the same day, visitors are charged a penalty of Rp 10,000.00, and if the key is lost, visitors are imposed a fine of Rp 25,000.00.