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1 Modern Theology : selections from twentieth-century theologians     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251426
2 Is Theology a Science? M.D. Chenu   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251400
3 Introducing the Christian Faith Arthur Michael Ramsey   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251536
4 A Survey of Catholic Theology 1800-1970 Mark Schoof   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251539
5 Radicals and the Future of the Church Don Cupitt   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251404
6 The Birth of Modern Critical Theology : origins and problems of biblical criticism in the seventeenth century Klaus Scholder   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251547
7 Connections : the integration of theology and faith J.L. Houlden   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251410
8 Faith and Understanding Rudolf Bultmann   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251401
9 Practical Theology : an empirical approach Johannes A. van der Ven   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251528
10 Christian Thought Revisited : three types of theology Justo L. Gonzalez Revised Edition http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251586
11 The Twentieth Century : a theological overview     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251531
12 Invitation to Theology David Brown   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251399
13 Faith and the Future : essays on theology, solidarity, and modernity Johann-Baptist Metz, Jurgen Moltmann   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251409
14 Hispanic Devotional Piety : tracing the biblical roots C. Gilbert Romero   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251192
15 Towards a Church of the Poor : the work of an ecumenical group on the church and the poor     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251189
16 Love in Practice : the gospel in Solentiname Ernesto Cardenal   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251183
17 Christ in a Poncho : testimonials of the nonviolent struggles in Latin America Adolfo Perez Esquivel   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251180
18 Justice Church : the new function of the church in North American Christianity Frederick Herzog   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251175
19 Faith of a People : the story of a Christian community in El Salvador 1970-1980 Pablo Galdamez   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251178
20 Promised Land : death and life in El Salvador Scott Wright   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251188
21 Vamos Caminando : a peruvian catechism     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251195
22 Beyond Borders : wrtings of Virgilio Elizondo and friends     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251186
23 Umbanda : religion and politics in Urban Brazil Diana DeG. Brown   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251184
24 Guatemala Never Again!     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251194
25 The Poor of the Land : a Christian case for land reform Roy H. May   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251197
26 Rio Maria : song of the earth Ricardo Rezende   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251193
27 Face of a Church : a nascent church of the people in Crateus Brazil Dom Antonio B. Fragoso   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251179
28 San Fernando Cathedral : soul of the city Virgilio P. Elizondo, Timothy M. Matovina   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251181
29 Crisis and Change : the church in Latin America today Edward L. Cleary   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251182
30 Rich Church Poor Church : some biblical perspectives Enzo Gatti   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251177
31 The Church in the Present-Day Transformation of Latin America in the Light of the Council I : position papers     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251198
32 The Church in Latin America 1492-1992     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251174
33 The Church in the Present-Day Transformation of Latin America in the Light of the Council II : conclusions     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251199
34 In the Parish of the Poor : writings from Haiti Jean-Bertrand Aristide   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251185
35 Shaping a New World : an orientation to Latin America     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251190
36 Santo Domingo and Beyond : documents and commentaries from the fourth general conference of Latin American bishops     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251191
37 The Frontiers and Catholic Identities     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251282
38 Living Stones : the history and structure of Catholic spiritual life in the United States Joseph P. Chinnici 2nd Edition http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251287
39 Loaves and Fishes : the inspiring story of the Catholic worker movement Dorothy Day   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251286
40 Love is the Measure : a biography of Dorothy Day Jim Forest   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251283
41 Nonviolence in America : a documentary history   Revised http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251275
42 American Catholic Traditions : resources for renewal     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251289
43 The American Catholic People : their beliefs, practices, and values George Gallup, Jim Castelli   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251280
44 Catholicism USA : a portrait of the Catholic church in the United States Bryan T. Froehle, Mary L. Gautier   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251281
45 The Naturalists and the Supernatural : studies in horizon and an American philosophy of religion William M. Shea   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251272
46 A Penny a Copy : readings from the Catholic worker     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251274
47 Brave New World Order : must we pledge allegiance? Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251276
48 Religion in Strange Times : the 1960s and 1970s Ronald B. Flowers   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251290
49 Native American Religious Identity : unforgotten gods     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251277
50 Yearning to Breathe Free : liberation theologies in the United States     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251271
51 Defending Mother Earth : native American perspectives on environmental justice     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251284
52 Whither the U.S. Church? : context, gospel, planning John A. Grindel   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251279
53 Reimagining America : a theological critique of the American mythos and biblical hermeneutics Charles Mabee   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251278
54 The Divine Deli : religious identity in the North American cultural mosaic John H. Berthrong   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251288
55 Prophets Denied Honor : an anthology on the Hispano church of the United States Antonio M. Stevens Arroyo   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251291
56 Public Voices : Catholics in the American context     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251273
57 Dorothy Day : selected writings Dorothy Day   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251285
58 The History of Christian Doctrines L. Berkhof   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251396
59 Dictionary of Dogmatic Theology Pietro Parente, Antonio Piolanti, Salvatore Garofalo   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251424
60 The End of Religion : autobiographical explorations Dom Aelred Graham   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251590
61 Dietrich Bonhoeffer : writings selected Robert Coles   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251431
62 Yesus adalah Mesias yang telah dijanjikan : injil Matius     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251265
63 The Art of Theological Reflection Patricia O’Connell Killen, John de Beer   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251414
64 Belief and Unbelief : a philosophy of self-knowledge Michael Novak   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251420
65 Christ, Ethics and Tragedy : essays in honour of Donald MacKinnon     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251403
66 Theologians at Work Patrick Granfield   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251591
67 God Matters Herbert McCabe   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251427
68 Theology and the New Histories     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251535
69 Toward a New Age in Christian Theology Richard Henry Drummond   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251405
70 Critical Theology : questions of truth and method Gareth Jones   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251408
71 Christian Theology : a brief introduction Gareth Jones   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251412
72 Postmodern Theologies : the challenge of religious diversity Terrence W. Tilley   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251533
73 Still Living with Questions David E. Jenkins   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251411
74 Theology of the New Testament Volume I : the message of Jesus Rudolf Bultmann   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251596
75 An Outline of the Theology of the New Testament Hans Conzelmann   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251594
76 Christ and Time : the primitive Christian conception of time and history Oscar Cullmann   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251593
77 Religious Language Peter Donovan   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251602
78 An Ember Still Glowing : humankind as the image of God Harry R. Boer   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251523
79 Faith and Culture : bicentennial reflections     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251598
80 The Coming of His Kingdom : a theology of the last things Alois Winklhofer   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251597
81 Process Theology as Political Theology John B. Cobb   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251432
82 Theologians of Our Time : Karl Barth, Rudolf Bultmann, Emil Brunner, Paul Althaus, Paul Tillich, Reinhold Niebuhr, Karl Adam, Romano Guardini, Heinrich Schlier, Han Urs von Balthasar, Yves Congar, Kar…..     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251534
83 God in Fragments Jacques Pohier   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251413
84 Beyond Conventional Christianity Juan Mateos   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251428
85 Dogmatik Masa Kini G.C. van Niftrik, B.J. Boland   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251421
86 An Introduction to the Christian Faith     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251407
87 To the Lengths of God : truths and the ecumenical age B.R. Brinkman   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251397
88 Credible Christianity : the gospel in contemporary society Hugh Montefiore   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251425
89 Johann Adam Mohler : the father of modern theology Herve Savon   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251538
90 Adult Christianity Hilda Graef   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251589
91 The Authority for Authority Quentin Quesnell   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251537
92 Doctrinal Pluralism Bernard Lonergan   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251430
93 Method in Theology : an organon for our time Frederick E. Crowe   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251406
94 New Frontiers in Theology Volume II : the new hermeneutic     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251423
95 Augustus H. Strong and the Dilemma of Historical Consciousness Grant Wacker   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251525
96 A Faith for Today E. Flesseman-Van Leer   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251587
97 Faith and Culture : issues for the Australian Church     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251599
98 Christ is a Native American Achiel Peelman   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251298
99 The Voice of Blood : five Christian martyrs of our time William J. O’Malley   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251300
100 The Church, Dictatorships, and Democracy in Latin America Jeffrey Klaiber   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251304
101 Stubborn Hope : religion, politics, and revolution in Central America Phillip Berryman   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251294
102 Sharing Faith : across the hemisphere Mary M. McGlone   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251302
103 New Face of the Church in Latin America : between tradition and change     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251303
104 Frontiers of Hispanic Theology in the United States     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251295
105 Caminemos Con Jesus : toward a hispanic/latino theology of accompaniment Roberto S. Goizueta   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251299
106 Mestizo Christianity : theology from the latino perspective     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251301
107 From the Heart of Our People : latino/a explorations in Catholic systematic theology     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251297
108 From the Underside : evangelism from a third world vantage point James Armstrong   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251293
109 The Faith of the People : theological reflections on popular Catholicism Orlando O. Espin   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251296
110 Witnesses of Hope : the persecution of Christians in Latin America     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251292
111 Kamulah Garam Dunia : petunjuk-petunjuk Yesus untuk menjadi orang Kristen sejati     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251200
112 Faith and Culture : living the gospel today     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251600
113 Bahasa dan kekuasaan dalam sejarah Islam : sebuah riset historiografi Greg Soetomo   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251309
114 Pastor Katolik di UIN Syarif Hidayatullah : belajar beriman di komunitas muslim terpelajar Greg Soetomo   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251310
115 Merevitalisasi pemikiran sosial Islam Hassan Hanafi Greg Soetomo   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251311
116 Management Peter F. Drucker on church : gereja butuh manajemen? Greg Soetomo   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251312
117 Marketing Hermawan Kartajaya on church : strategi dan taktik kerasulan di zaman ini Greg Soetomo   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251320
118 The World Indonesianist forum 2018 : the role of the millennial generation Badan Pengkajian dan Pengembangan Kebijakan Kementerian Luar Negeri Republik Indonesia   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251323
119 Kompilasi forum debriefing 2018 Badan Pengkajian dan Pengembangan Kebijakan Kementerian Luar Negeri Republik Indonesia   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251327
120 Gaudete et exsultate = Bersukacita dan bergembiralah Ed. F.X. Adisusanto, Andreas Suparman, Bernadeta Harini Tri Prasasti; terj. R.P.T. Krispurwana Cahyadi   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251449
121 Identitas dan misi bruder religius dalam gereja Ed. F.X. Adisusanto, Bernadeta Harini Tri Prasasti; terj. Agustinus Marjito   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251450
122 Democracy, decentralization, identity and conflict in Indonesia : proceedings of NIAS-ICSN Conference, Copenhagen, August 31 – September 1, 2001 Michael Jacobson, Pius Suratman Kartasasmita, Timo Kivimaki   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251581
123 An Introduction to applied multivariate analysis with R Brian Everitt, Torsten Hothorn   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251809
124 Economics : principles, problems, and policies Campbell R. McConnell, Stanley L. Brue, Sean M. Flynn 21th ed. http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251810
125 Organizational analysis : essential readings David Knights, Hugh Willmott   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251811
126 Laporan tahunan KPK 2018 Tim Penyusun Laporan Tahunan KPK 2018   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=251812