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1 Dampak Ilmu Pengetahuan Atas Masyarakat Bertrand Russell   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254669
2 Why I am Not a Christian : and other essays on religion and related subjects Bertrand Russell   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254665
3 Berkeley J.O. Urmson   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254664
4 English Philosophy Since 1900 G.J. Warnock 2nd Ed. http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254663
5 Friedrich Nietzsche : philosopher of culture Frederick Copleston   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254908
6 Contemporary Philosophy of Religion     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254258
7 God and Philosophy Antony Flew   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254254
8 Language, Meaning and God : essays in honour of Herbert McCabe OP     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254253
9 The Miracle of Theism : arguments for and againts the existence of God John Leslie Mackie   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254252
10 More Things in Heaven and Earth : God and the scientist A. van den Beukel   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254261
11 A Theological Word Book of the Bible     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254611
12 An Introductory Grammar of New Testament Greek : with exercises A.W. Argyle   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254535
13 New Horizons : studies in biblical theology Barnabas M. Ahern   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254533
14 Alkitab di Dunia Modern James Barr   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254532
15 Comparative Philology and the Text of the Old Testament James Barr   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254604
16 The Garden of Eden and the Hope of Immortality James Barr   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254529
17 Holy Scripture : canon, authority, criticism James Barr   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254526
18 The Scope and Authority of the Bible James Barr   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254606
19 The Semantics of Biblical Language James Barr   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254609
20 Salvation History : an introduction to biblical theology Neal M. Flanagan   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254670
21 The Bible on Faith S.J. Heijke   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254601
22 The Biblical Doctrine of Virginity Lucien Legrand   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254525
23 The Truth of the Bible Oswald Loretz   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254671
24 Myths and Realities : studies in biblical theology John L. McKenzie   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254591
25 Studies in Salvation History C. Luke Salm   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254516
26 Teaching the Bible : the discourse and politics of biblical pedagogy     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254519
27 James Barr and the Bible : critique of a new liberalism Paul Ronald Wells   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254594
28 Alkitab dan Komunikasi   Cet.1 http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254518
29 An Introductory Bibliography for the Study of Scripture George S. Glanzman   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254593
30 New Testament Greek Grammar : a course of self-help for the layman W.E. Vine   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254592
31 What is Structural Exegesis? Daniel Patte   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254767
32 Literary Criticism for New Testament Critics Norman R. Petersen   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254769
33 Tradition History and the Old Testament Walter E. Rast   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254768
34 The Old Testament and the Literary Critic David Robertson   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254766
35 The Faith of Israel : aspects of old testament thought H.H. Rowley   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254758
36 Canon and Community : a guide to canonical criticism James A. Sanders   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254765
37 Biblical Interpretation : a roadmap Frederick C. Tiffany, Sharon H. Ringe   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254761
38 Form Criticism of the Old Testament Gene M. Tucker   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254764
39 Agama Israel Kuno Th. C. Vriezen   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254762
40 Biblical Hermeneutics of Liberation : modes of reading the bible in the South African context Gerald O. West Second, Revised Edition http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254603
41 Sociological Approaches to the Old Testament Robert R. Wilson   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254763
42 Sabda Allah Denyut Jantung Misi     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254523
43 Samaritans and Jews : the origins of Samaritanism reconsidered R.J. Coggins   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254759
44 Covenant : the history of a biblical idea Delbert R. Hillers   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254760
45 The Early History of Israel : to the Exodus and covenant of Sinai Roland de Vaux   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254783
46 Gandhi’s Religious Thought Margaret Chatterjee   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254286
47 Justification : the doctrine of Karl Barth and a Catholic reflection Hans Kung   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254239
48 That the World May Believe Hans Kung   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254238
49 The Third Collection Papers Bernard J.F. Lonergan   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254241
50 Further Paradoxes Henri de Lubac   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254237
51 Newman’s Dialogues on Certitude James W. Lyons   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254240
52 The God I Don’t Belive in Juan Arias   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254262
53 Athens and Jerusalem : the role of philosophy in theology Jack A. Bonsor   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254260
54 The Idea of God : a Whiteheadian critique of St. Thomas Aquinas concept of God Burton Z. Cooper   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254257
55 Thinking about God Brian Davies   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254256
56 Themes in Theology : the three-fold cord essays in philosophy, politics and theology Donald M. MacKinnon   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254251
57 Jesus Christ at the Encounter of World Religions Jacques Dupuis   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254281
58 Bursting the Bonds? : a Jewish-Christian dialogue on Jesus and Paul Leonard Swidler, Lewis John Eron   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254276
59 A Universal Faith? : peoples, cultures, religions, and the Christ Catherine Cornille, Valeer Neckebrouck   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254282
60 Hindu-Christian Dialogue : perspectives and encounters     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254279
61 Uniqueness : problem or paradox in Jewish and Christian traditions Gabriel Moran   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254280
62 The Challenge of the Scriptures : the Bible and the Qur’an     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254285
63 John Paul II and Interreligious Dialogue     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254246
64 Striving Together : a way forward in Christian-Muslim relations Charles Kimball   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254275
65 Mencari Tuhan dengan Kacamata Barat : kajian kritis mengenai agama di Indonesia Karel A. Steenbrink Cet.1 http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254273
66 The Green Bible     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254661
67 The Church is Different Robert Adolfs   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254243
68 The Catholicity of the Church Avery Dulles   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254244
69 Unity of the Churches : an actual possibility Heinrich Fries   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254245
70 The Mystery We Proclaim : catechesis at the third millennium Francis D. Kelly   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254918
71 Companions of Jesus : the Jesuit Martyrs of El Salvador Jon Sobrino, Ignacio Ellacuria   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254457
72 The Last Years of the Church David Poling   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254458
73 Mexico at the Crossroads : politics, the church, and the poor Michael Tangeman   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254456
74 Hidup Murni : budaya Indonesia dan tradisi kitab suci St. Darmawijaya Cet.1 http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254453
75 Statuta Keuskupan Regio Jawa     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254454
76 Voice of the Voiceless (Suara Kaum Tak Bersuara)     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254455
77 A Popular History of the Reformation Philip Hughes   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254459
78 Anglicanism Stephen Neill   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254460
79 African Theology en Route     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254467
80 The New Africa : history, culture, people Milton Jay Belasco   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254466
81 The Africa Reader : colonial Africa Wilfred Cartey   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254465
82 Africa : past and present Arthur N. Cook   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254464
83 African Cry Jean-Marc Ela   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254463
84 A Short History of Africa Roland Oliver 6th Ed. http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254462
85 Bidat Kristen dari masa ke masa Paulus D.H. Daun   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254461
86 Pembaruan Karismatik dan Pekabaran Injil Sedunia David Shibley   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254469
87 Eberhard Arnold Johann Christoph Arnold   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254471
88 Ilmu Agama A.G. Honig   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254470
89 Knowing the Unknowable God : Ibn-Sina, Maimonides, Aquinas David B. Burrell   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254259
90 Sharing the Book : religious perspectives on the rights and wrongs of proselytism     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254468
91 Experiencing Scripture in World Religions     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254283
92 Islam yang Saya Amati : perkembangan di Maroko dan Indonesia Clifford Geertz   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254782
93 The Tao Te Ching and the Christian Way Joseph Petulla   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254278
94 Man and Society Samuel H. Jameson   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254807
95 Sosiologi Kekuasaan Roderick Martin   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254785
96 Intelektual Masyarakat Berkembang Syed Hussein Alatas   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254830
97 Innovation : the basis of cultural change H.G. Barnett   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254831
98 Dunia yang Terpecah-belah     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254800
99 Yang Terbaik : menuju masyarakat berprestasi John W. Gardner   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254818
100 Asylums : essays on the social situation of mental patients and other inmates Erving Goffman   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254814
101 The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life Erving Goffman   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254813
102 Relations in Public : microstudies of the public order Erving Goffman   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254812
103 Populasi, Modernisasi, dan Struktur Sosial Calvin Goldscheider   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254802
104 Dutch Society Johan Goudsblom   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254801
105 An Inquiry into the Human Prospect Robert L. Heilbroner   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254804
106 Fakta-fakta yang Digelapkan Nicholas Hildyard   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254809
107 Consciousness and Society H. Stuart Hughes   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254803
108 Toward a Human World Order : beyond the national security straitjacket Gerald Mische, Patricia Mische   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254816
109 Kekuasaan Orloc   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254829
110 Rights of Man Thomas Paine   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254828
111 The Three Faces of Revolution Fred Schwarz   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254832
112 The Social Dimensions of Science     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254784
113 Essays on Borneo Societies     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254827
114 Kebudayaan dan Perubahan Suku Muyu dalam Arus Modernisasi Irian Jaya J.W. Schoorl   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254910
115 Varieties of Civil Religion Robert N. Bellah, Phillip E. Hammond   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254915
116 Beyond the Classics? essays in the scientific study of religion     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254866
117 Durkheim dan Pengantar Sosiologi Moralitas     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254861
118 The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life Emile Durkheim   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254864
119 Christianity and the Affluent Society Reginald H. Fuller   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254867
120 Protestant Catholic Jew : an essay in American religious sociology Will Herberg   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254869
121 Labor and the Church in Asia     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254870
122 Max Weber’s Sociology of Religion : its method and content in the light of the concept of rationality M.M.W. Lemmen   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254871
123 The Religious Factor : a sociological study of religion’s impact on politics, economics, and family life Gerhard Lenski Revised Edition http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254872
124 Ministry in the Seventies     http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254913
125 The Sociology of Religion Thomas F. O’Dea   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254863
126 Hak Asasi Manusia : teori, hukum, kasus LG. Saraswati, Taufik Basari   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254287
127 Hukum internasional, hukum nasional dan Indonesia Tristam Pascal Moeliono, John Lumbantobing, Niken Prawesti, Adrianus Adityo Vito Ramon   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254757
128 The Compassionate Community : strategies that work for the third millennium Catherine M. Harmer   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254806
129 Sejarah dan Azas-azas Penologi (pemasyarakatan) Soedjono Dirdjosisworo   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254811
130 Mencerdaskan kehidupan bangsa : pendidikan nasional menurut Undang Undang Dasar Negara Republik Indonesia Tahun 1945 Syamsul Bahri, Jakob Tobing, Andi Mattalatta, M. Alfan Alfian, I Wayan Sudirta, dkk.   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254255
131 Analisis laporan keuangan Kasmir Ed. Rev http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254697
132 Ergonomics and human factors in safety management Eds. Pedro M. Arezes, Paulo Victor Rodrigues de Carvalho   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254233
133 GA Document 133 Eds. Hitomi Saito, Takuya Seki, Akiyo Nakamura   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254229
134 Zaha Hadid recent project Ed. Yukio Futagawa   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254230
135 GA Japan 125 Eds. Lucerne Festival Ark Nova, Anish Kapoor, Arata Isozaki, Katsumasa Tanaka   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254232
136 GA Houses 142 Eds. Hitomi Saito, Akiyo Nakamura   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254231
137 Masyarakat Sunda Budaya dan Problema A. Surjadi   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254263
138 Masyarakat Tengger : latar belakang daerah taman nasional Bromo Simanhadi Widyaprakosa   http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=254242