Buku Bulan Ini adalah daftar judul buku baru yang diproses selama bulan AGUSTUS 2018

Data akan berganti setiap bulan, jika ada penambahan data baru.

Untuk melihat informasi data secara lengkap, dapat mengklik info pada “Link OPAC”, dan akan terhubung ke Sistem Pencarian Buku Online Perpustakaan.


1 A Bible of Your Own : growing with the scriptures Han Renckens http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243144
2 Tafsiran Injil Markus Walter M. Post http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243431
3 Exodus : a hermeneutics of freedom Jose Severino Croatto http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243057
4 Black Faith and Public Talk : critical essays on James H. Cone’s black theology and black power http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243179
5 Black Religion after the Million Man March : voices on the future http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243180
6 Go Preach : Mark’s kingdom message and the black church today Brian K. Blount http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243148
7 Man in the Mirror : John Howard Griffin and the story of black like me Robert Bonazzi http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243149
8 To Stand on the Rock : meditations on black Catholic identity Joseph A. Brown http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243219
9 Can I Get a Witness? : prophetic religious voices of African American women http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243217
10 Christianity on Trial : African-American religious thought before and after black power Mark L. Chapman http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243214
11 Black and White Together : the search for common ground Danny Duncan Collum http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243213
12 A Black Theology of Liberation James H. Cone Twentieth Anniversary Edition http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243224
13 Black Theology and Black Power James H. Cone http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243181
14 God of the Oppressed James H. Cone http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243223
15 Speaking the Truth : ecumenism, liberation, and black theology James H. Cone http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243226
16 The Spirituals and the Blues : an interpretation James H. Cone http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243225
17 Cut Loose Your Stammering Tongue : black theology in the slave narratives http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243177
18 Sexuality and the Black Church : a womanist perspective Kelly Brown Douglas http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243220
19 Dark Symbols, Obscure Sign : God, self, and community in the slave mind Riggins R. Earl http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243176
20 Were You There? : Godforsakenness in slave religion David Emmanuel Goatley http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243164
21 Shoes that Fit our Feet : sources for a constructive black theology Dwight N. Hopkins http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243162
22 Wade in the Water : the wisdom of the spirituals Arthur C. Jones http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243175
23 Exorcizing Evil : a womanist perspective on the spirituals Cheryl A. Kirk-Duggan http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243174
24 Liberation and Reconciliation : a black theology J. Deotis Roberts Revised http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243172
25 Taking Down Our Harps : black Catholics in the United States http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243170
26 Power in the Blood? : the Cross in the African American experience JoAnne Marie Terrell http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243169
27 Empower the People : social ethics for African-American church Theodore Walker http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243167
28 Black Religion and Black Radicalism : an interpretation of the religious history of African Americans Gayraud S. Wilmore 3rd Edition Revised http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243165
29 Christianity Rediscovered Vincent J. Donovan http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243434
30 The Meaning of Tradition Yves Congar http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243145
31 Man at Play Hugo Rahner http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243147
32 Were You There? : stations of the Cross Diana L. Hayes http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243163
33 The Death in Every Now Robert Ochs http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243146
34 Reformasi dan Transformasi Pelayanan Gereja : menyongsong abad ke-21 Emanuel Gerrit Singgih http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243409
35 Pastoral Theology from a Global Perspective : a case study approach Henry S. Wilson http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243410
36 Rediscovering Pastoral Care Alastair V. Campbell 2nd Ed. http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243417
37 Pastoral Counseling Seward Hiltner http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243415
38 Pastoral Konseling Yakub B. Susabda http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243414
39 Building Christian Communities : strategy for renewing the church Stephen B. Clark http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243416
40 Theology for Earth Community : a field guide http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243411
41 Introduction to the Liturgy http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243063
42 The Liturgy and the Word of God Martimort http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243061
43 Signs of Life : the seven sacraments Francois Louvel http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243251
44 The Christian Sacraments of Initiation : baptism, confirmation, eucharist Kenan B. Osborne http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243178
45 The Quality of Mercy : a fresh look at the sacrament of reconciliation John Arnold http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243250
46 The Early Christian Fathers : a selection from the writings of the Fathers from St. Clement of Rome to St. Athanasius http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243433
47 The Western Fathers : being the lives of Martin of Tours, Ambrose, Augustine of Hippo, Honoratus of Arles, and Germanus of Auxerre Sulpicius Severus http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243432
48 The Sacred and the Profane : the nature of religion Mircea Eliade http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243059
49 Not just the “other emerging powers” : Indonesia, South Africa and Turkey in the transformation of global order Awidya Santikajaya http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243240
50 Economic and development : an introduction Ian Livingstone, A. S. Goodall http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243238
51 Teknik Pendampingan dalam Memecahkan Masalah Phillip L. Hunsaker http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243418
52 Kepemimpinan : teori dan pengembangannya Charles J. Keating http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243412
53 Kepemimpinan Lokal dan Implementasi Program http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243413
54 Manajemen Perilaku Organisasi Winardi Cet.1 http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243419
55 Systems thinking made simple : new hope for solving wicked problems Derek Cabrera, Laura Cabrera http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243249
56 Industrial engineering and management : through questions and answers C. Nadha Muni Reddy http://library.unpar.ac.id/index.php?p=show_detail&id=243058