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New Collections

Unpar library has a variety of collections that can be used by the visitors, both from UNPAR’s Academic Community and non-community.

The New Collection contains additional information regarding the collection (periodically for 1 month) and can be used by the visitors.

NEW COLLECTIONS grouping, includes:
Books  (consisting of: General Books, Provision Books, Reference Books), Proceedings, Statistics, Legislation documents
Articles (Articles contained in Scientific Journals and Magazines)
Lecturers’ Output (consisting of: Research Reports, Scientific Papers, Modules, and Scientific Speeches)
Students’ Output (S1 / S2 / S3) (consisting of: Theses, Work Reports, Research Introductions, Factory Designs, Architecture Final Studio Projects, Legal Memoranda, Theses, Dissertations)
Periodicals (consisting of: Journals, Magazines, Newsletters / News, Daily Newspapers, Weekly Tabloids)
Others (Maps, Audio, Movies, Music)

To see:

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The entire collection can be accessed via the Online Book Search.