1 Applications of Ion Chromatography for Pharmaceutical and Biological Products Bhattacharyya
2 Applied Process Control Set Mulholland
3 Aspen Plus®: Chemical Engineering Applications Al-Malah
4 Biogas from Waste and Renewable Resources – An Introduction 2e Deublein
5 Biomedical Vibrational Spectroscopy Peter Lasch
6 Chemical Engineering for Non-Chemical Engineers Hipple
7 Chemical Process Design Dimian
8 Chemicals and Fuels from Bio‐Based Building Blocks Cavani
9 Distillation Design and Control Using Aspen Simulation, Second Edition Luyben
10 Distillation Troubleshooting Kister
11 Emergency Planning Preparedness, Prevention & Response CCPS
12 Fischer-Tropsch Refining de Klerk
13 Fuel and Combustion Systems Safety Puskar
14 Guidelines for Auditing Process Safety Management Systems CCPS
15 Guidelines for Consequence Analysis of Chemical Releases CCPS
16 Guidelines for Design Solutions for Process Equipment Failures CCPS
17 Guidelines for Investigating Chemical Process Incidents CCPS
18 Guidelines for Process Safety in Outsourced Manufacturing Operations CCPS
19 Guidelines for Quantitative Risk Analysis, Second Edition CCPS
20 Handbook of Loss Prevention Engineering Haight
21 Handbook of Metathesis Grubbs
22 Handbook of Metathesis Grubbs
23 Handbook of Porous Solids Schüth
24 Industrial Biorenewables: A Practical Viewpoint Domínguez de Ma
25 Introduction to Nondestructive Testing Mix
26 Micro Process Engineering – A Comprehensive Handbook Hessel
27 Modern Drying Technology Tsotsas
28 Open‐Ended Problems Abulencia
29 Pharmaceutical Lifecycle Management Ellery
30 Plantwide Control Rangaiah
31 Process Plant Equipment Holloway
32 Process Systems Engineering Banga
33 Process Systems Engineering – 7 Volume Set Pistikopoulos
34 Resource Efficiency of Processing Plants Krämer
35 Responsible Innovation Owen
36 The Sustainable Laboratory Handbook – Design, Equipment, Operation Dittrich
37 Thermodynamic Models for Industrial Applications Kontogeorgis
38 Value Creation – Strategies for the Chemical Industry McKinsey & Comp
39 Value Creation – Strategies for the Chemical Industry, Second Edition Budde
40 Value Creation in the Pharmaceutical Industry – The critical path to innovation Schuhmacher
41 Zero Waste Engineering: A New Era of Sustainable Technology Development, Second Edition Khan


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